Between 1974 and ’75 young bank clerk Junior Walker brought the idea to his record producer friend Keith Hudson to make a Dub album mainly because he had a sound system that played at bank parties and he wanted something exclusive for the dancefloor, not fully grasping the fact that Dub albums in the Reggae field were usually made from popular vocal tracks. Keith responded that he didn’t think he had enough strong tracks in his catalogue, to which Junior responded he would be willing to record additional tracks from scratch, so Keith agreed to supervise the recording of the new tracks some suggested by Junior of dance favorites like “Satta” and “Declaration of Rights” titled “Black Rights” and Dub – mixes of  new tracks they had collaborated on like “In the Rain” and “No need no Soldering” then allowed him to pick from his catalogue what Junior wanted to re-mix, hence the name Pick-a-Dub. Here is the title track of a over-dub of the “S90 Skank” rhythm by Augustus Pablo Keith named “Fat Baby” Dub mixed by King Tubby who was requested by Junior along with “Familyman” and “Carly” Barrett to be the main participants of the album. After receiving the wax for his sound system and not understanding the ins and out of the music business Junior left it up to Hudson to find out years later in Europe it is regarded as one of the top five Dub albums of all time. Full story in “Junia Reggae: The Journey from King St.” by Norman Walker in Paperback ~

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